Small Business Resources

Emergency Sick Pay and Family/Medical Leave Act

Congress enacted new laws that go into effect not later than 15 days from enactment of the Acts (April 2, 2020 and expire December 31, 2020.  They apply to employers with LESS THAN 500 employees.  A slide show with more details from the NFIB is attached.

Employee vs Subcontractor

Attached is a checklist used by the IRS to determine if someone should be treated as an employee (W-2 reporting), or subcontractor (1099 reporting)

PA Wage & Hour FAQ

Above is a link to the Department of Labor's page, which answers many common questions on payroll and overtime laws

FMLA Tax Credit

Small employers (those with less than 50 employees) are not subject to FMLA, but you can get a tax credit for providing employees with different types of family and medical leave

Responsible Party-Sales Tax

Click above for an article explaining who may be a responsible party to interest and penalties for unpaid sales taxes

Tax Credit for Women Owned Businesses

There are tax credits available for women owned businesses.  Read more to see if you're eligible.

PA Escheat Reporting

Attached are rules on turning over unclaimed property, including uncashed vendor or employee checks, to the state

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