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Choosing a Tax/Accounting Professional

All of the tax law changes that have gone into effect over the past 2 years have made seemingly "simple" returns more complex. In the 2021 tax season, individuals may be surprised by taxes owed from unemployment, and Trump's SS tax deferrals may result in those taxes needing to be calculated and paid on the 2020 tax return. This is in addition to college tax credits, Earned Income Tax Credits, small business filings, correct reporting of investments and retirement income...You get the picture. If you own a small business, work with a CPA that will help you understand and grow your business and get you through both the prosperous and lean times. If you have a tax return that needs to be prepared, go beyond the quick "how much do you charge" phone call and hire a qualified and properly trained professional that you can trust and call upon throughout the year if questions or problems arise. If you're curious as to the differences in the various tax preparer or accountant designations and levels of training/education, please see the article below. Or if you have questions, please feel free to comment. We're happy to clarify things a bit.

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