Nonprofit Resources

Donation Jar

Nonprofit Accounting

Basics Presentation

Nonprofit Guidelines

Helpful guidelines for NFP boards and volunteers to follow

Donor "Thank You" Best Practices

Organizations are required to send acknowledgment letters to donors giving over $250.  The attached gives some guidelines and suggested wording.

Board Responsibilities

Attached is a summary of basic board responsibilities and common tasks

Board Self-Assessment Tool

Use this tool to determine areas where your board can become more efficient and beneficial to the organization

Document Retention Guidelines

A sample document retention policy for boards to review and adopt

Conflict of Interest Policy

Use the attached to draft a conflict of interest policy

Investment Policy

The attached can aid boards in putting proper investment policies in place

Whistleblower Policy

Use the attached to draft a whistleblower policy for your organization

Nonprofit Audit Guide

This website has great resources for not-for-profits trying to understand audit requirements and procedures

Using Facebook for Nonprofits

These are the steps for setting up a specific nonprofit page on Facebook, which can aid in your "Giving Tuesday" campaign

Unrelated Business Income Tax

Nonprofits can owe income tax, if they are running business activities that are unrelated to the exempt purpose.  Read the attached article for more info.

Robert's Rules of Order Cheat Sheets

Robert's Rules of Order can be used to keep board meetings running efficiently.  Attached are some cheat sheets that simplify this process.

New Year's To Do List

Attached is a checklist of items to review and address in preparation of the New Year for nonprofits.

Glossary of Terms

Attached is a glossary of accounting terms common to the nonprofit industry and financial statements.

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