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Welcome to Terri Johnson CPA LLC.  We provide the simplicity and convenience of virtual accounting and tax preparation services and are able to work with clients all over the United States.  I have over 20 years of experience in public accounting and have helped hundreds of small businesses get started and put processes in place to get their finances and taxes in order.  Every small business owner needs the data provided by proper accounting systems and financial statements in order to make informed, timely, and accurate business and financial decisions.  Banks and other lenders will also request financials in order to approve lending.  Our goal is to assist you in implementing proper systems, keeping them up-to-date, and understanding what the financials are telling you.


Bookkeeping Assistance:  Small business clients are reaching out more and more for assistance with their monthly bookkeeping tasks.  We can free up your time and take this stress off of your plate so you can focus more on your business and passion.  Leave the accounting to us, while you spend more time on your clients and customers.


Financial Statement Preparation & Tax Planning: Our focus is on educating clients and providing one-on-one assistance.  Tax planning and preparation are only two steps of a multi-layered plan in helping you succeed. We will assist in the reconciliation of your accounting records and we will prepare financial statements to review with you and to aid in tax planning. This is followed by regular discussions on how to increase revenues, while also highlighting ways to decrease expenses and implement various tax savings strategies.

Coaching and Training:  We provide one-on-one small business coaching and staff training.  As a Certified Financial Coach and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Terri brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table to assist you in moving your business to the next level.  Our coaching sessions focus on goals and processes to give you the tools you need to grow your business.  We also offer individualized QuickBooks setup and training sessions to provide better processes within your organization.

Secure Portal & Paperless Document Delivery:  We take client data security seriously and have implemented procedures and software to ensure that your information and privacy are kept as secure as possible.  Each client is provided with access to a secure portal to allow sharing and storage of records shared with and prepared by our firm.  We also encourage clients to download our phone app, which allows easy uploading of documents, communication with our office, and receiving of tasks and reminders from our office.

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Client Testimonials

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This was our first tax season working with Terri and her firm, and I have to say that I am thankful that I chose to work with them!  Here are some of the many reasons I am recommending them:

  • Terri's communication is awesome.  2021 was a crazier than normal tax season.  Terri did awesome, keeping all her clients updated through email communications.

  • The firm works with a system called TaxDome, which allowed us to upload everything through that system.  We also sent messages through this system, and all the tax documents I need for my records are uploaded.  No snail mail is needed.

  • The price I was charged for preparing my taxes is very fair.  I do not think you should have taxes done by any average Joe, so I am glad I found a great CPA.

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We pride ourselves in being a full-service accounting firm and offer a wide range of services to meet the needs and small- and medium-sized businesses.  We take a very educationally-based approach and strive to answer client questions to the best of our abilities to ensure that small business owners understand their finances and tax returns.  Our success is based on your success.

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